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Choosing the right game type to play

Lots of people who have never played Roulette before assume that there’s only one type of game and one set of rules. While the rules are pretty similar between them, there are plenty of different variations of Roulette out there.

The main three types you’re likely to come across online are American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette.Choosing the right game type to play. The main difference between American Roulette and the other two types is that it has both a 0 and 00 place on the wheel. The addition of the 00 increases the house edge of American Roulette, meaning that any player has a greater disadvantage when playing this game.

Ideally, you’ll want to always avoid American Roulette where possible. Some online casinos may only offer American Roulette, in which we suggest avoiding those sites entirely. There’s no reason to play American Roulette as it gives a lower chance of winning and doesn’t give any higher payouts.

When it comes to choosing between European and French Roulette, French comes out on top as it has a lower house edge. The reason for this is the two special rules of French Roulette. These are known as la partage and en prison. These two rules help to give an extra advantage to the player when the ball lands on 0. If you want to learn more about them, have a look at our Roulette Player’s guide where we explain them in detail.

Picking a game type where the casino has a lower advantage is important if you want to maximize your chances of winning. Because of this, we always recommend playing French Roulette if it’s available. You should also double-check the RTP (return to player) rate of the game before you play. American Roulette has an RTP rate of around 94%, Europe has around 97%, and the French can have more than 98%.

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