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Live roulette vs regular online roulette 1

Live casino games are the answer to the two main disadvantages of online casino games. Rather than playing with a computer program, you’ll instead be playing across from a real dealer. Just like playing at a land-based casino, you’ll get an authentic casino experience with live casino games.

Roulette is one of the most popular live casinos games and instead of a computer, the game uses a real wheel in a live studio. The dealer and the wheel are live-streamed to your computer or mobile device, giving you maximum convenience.

With live casino games, you join a table rather than just starting a game straight away. This does mean that you might have to wait during peak times, but it also gives you an added social benefit. Most sites will allow you to chat with other players and the dealer as you play, giving you a more interactive experience.

Live casino games are the future of online casinos in our opinion, and they manage to perfectly recreate the casino experience in the comfort of your home. If you want to discover the best sites that offer live Roulette games, check out our dedicated live casino page. We list all of the top casinos that provide live casino games and even include live casino bonuses for you to enjoy.

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