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Online roulette vs roulette in a land-based casino

A lot of new players often ask us what the difference is between online Roulette and Roulette in a real, brick and mortar casino. In truth, there aren’t that many differences as the online casinos want to give you as close to an authentic casino experience as possible. There are a lot of benefits of playing Roulette online, however. Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of online Roulette compared to land-based Roulette.

Advantages of online roulette

  • Convenience – The biggest advantage of online Roulette is the fact that you can play whenever you want. Most land-based casinos have opening times, and unless you live right outside, you’ll have to travel to get there. With an online casino, you just load up the site in your browser or app and start playing. Most modern online casinos even allow you to play on a mobile device, letting you take your casino experience wherever you go.
  • More variety – In most cases, the selection of different game types and the number of tables available is much better online than in real life. Land-based casinos might offer one or two types of Roulette, but you can find loads of different variations online.
  • Faster gameplay – Online casino games do away with the need to wait for lots of players around the table to place their bets. As soon as you bet and confirm, the wheel starts spinning. This faster gameplay allows you to get a lot more bets in and hopefully more wins too!
  • More gameplay options – With online Roulette, there are usually many more gameplay options to make things more exciting. Examples include playing at multiple tables at once and having more betting options.
  • Casino bonuses – Unlike land-based casinos, almost all online casinos offer bonuses to their players. There are loads of sites offering big welcome bonuses that can be used to play Roulette. On top of this, you can often get regular bonuses and offers from some sites, allowing you to get more out of your online Roulette experience.

Disadvantages of online roulette

  • Less social – A trip to the casino can be a great social experience, and it’s one of the main things that a lot of online casinos are missing. Nothing beats going to the casino with your mates and coming home with lots of wins and stories. With online casinos, it’s more of a solitary experience.
  • Playing against a computer can get boring – For a lot of players, playing against the computer can’t compare to playing against a real dealer. Playing in a real land-based casino adds a lot of excitement that can’t be matched with online casinos. Live casino games are a good way to improve this aspect, however.

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