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Blackjack: Card counting online

Blackjack: Card counting is a technique used to work out which cards are remaining in the deck and play your hand accordingly. It’s an old technique that used to be effective at helping players beat the casino, but at land-based casinos, it’s a lot less effective now. Not only do casinos ban any players who are counting cards, but they’ll also use multiple decks to make it a lot harder to determine which cards remain in the shoe.

With card counting all but eliminated at the land-based casinos, is it possible to count cards online? The short answer is no. The vast majority of online Blackjack games use RNG to determine the cards that are drawn. They’ll also use multiple decks just like with land-based casinos, making it very difficult for any player to work out the remaining cards.

Some players claim that it is possible to count cards at live Blackjack, however. Live Blackjack lets you play against a real dealer rather than against a computer program. On top of a real dealer, the game also uses real decks of cards rather than the ones and zeros of RNG Blackjack. Because live games use real cards, you can technically count them, although you still run into the same problems as you would at the land-based casino.

Overall, it may be possible to use card counting to get ahead when playing live Blackjack, but the casinos make it as difficult as possible for you. The way that online casinos are set up makes it very difficult for players to gain an advantage, and card counting is clamped down on just as it is in the land-based casinos. If you want to get ahead while playing Blackjack, there are definitely easier ways to do it.

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