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Andar Bahar Live Online – Katti Rules and Strategy

Andar Bahar is a digital iteration of the classic Indian card game known as Katti. Andar bahar has been translated seamlessly to the modern internet age. Katti shares a lot of similarities with Baccarat but has some small differences. It is a very straightforward game so that anyone can play. So, keep on reading our game guide and start your game of online Andar Bahar now!

How to Play Andar Bahar

A single 52-card deck is used for this game and the two main bets are as the name suggests – Andar (Inside) and Bahar (Outside).

  • Andar – These are boxes reserved on the table for placing the playing cards. These boxes are located on the player’s left side.
  • Bahar – These are other boxes located on the right side of a player on the playing table for placing the cards.

The main objective of Andar Bahar is to predict the side where a chosen card will land. In every round, one card from the deck is selected as the main card. Players then place a bet on whether a card with the same face value will appear in Andar (to the left) or Bahar (to the right).

The dealer shuffles a single deck of cards with the odds being 50-50 and puts one card at the table’s center. If the first card is a black suit (clubs or spades), then dealing will start from Andar. If it is red (hearts or diamonds), then it will start from Bahar. Cards are then dealt alternately to each of the betting spots.

The round comes to an end when an identical value card to the chosen one is dealt to either of the betting spots. The player who makes the right guess is automatically declared as the winner of the game and handed the payout. All other bets are automatically lost to the dealer.

AndarBahar Basic Strategy

For example, let’s assume that the dealer’s cut shows a card value of 5 and you place a bet on Andar. Cards are then dealt with both betting spots, and a card with the same value of 5 appears in the Andar position. This makes you the winner. If the card appears in Bahar, you have basically lost your bet.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the AndarBahar payouts in Live Casinos are always based on the player’s accurate guess of where the matching card number will appear. However, this also usually relates to whether the first card was a black or red suit and where it was dealt with.

If the matching card appears on the same side as the first dealt card, then players receive a 90% payout. So, if you place a ₹100 bet, then you win ₹190. If the card appears on the other side, then you will only receive 100%, meaning that your Andar Bahar payout will be ₹200.

Unlike Teen Patti, Andar Bahar’s winnings depend primarily on good luck. There are no special strategies or tactics that can make you more successful.

andar bahar live

Different Versions of Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is such a simplistic and straightforward game that it’s hard to find direct variations. However, there are a couple of similar games you can play.


Baccarat is straightforward, just like AndarBahar. This biggest difference is that we are looking at a Banker vs. Player scenario. Only 2 hands (Bankers Hand and Players Hand) are dealt, regardless of the number of players participating. The player is NOT limited to the player’s hand and it doesn’t promise you victory.

Once the dealer places 2 cards on each part of the table, the points are calculated to determine the value of each hand. Tens and face cards are all counted as zero. Other cards are worth their face value (Ace is 1 point). If your hand’s value is a two-digit number, only the second digit is counted.

If the point total of the first two cards adds up to 8 or 9, a Natural Win is declared and the player wins the hand. No more cards are dealt after this happens. However, this is not always the case and may require another card on a 0-5 score (if he is standing in a total of 6 or 7).

The same applies to the Banker:

  • If the Player draws a 9, 10, face-card, or Ace as a third card, the Banker draws on a 0-3 score and stays on a 4-7 score.
  • If the Player draws an 8 as a third card, the Banker draws on a 0-2 score and stays on a 3-7 score
  • When Player draws a 6 or 7 as a third card, the Banker draws on a 0-6 score and stays on a total of 7
  • If the Player draws a 4 or 5 as a third card, the Banker draws on a 0-5 score and stays on a total of 6 or 7
  • If the Player draws a 2 or 3 as a third card, the Banker draws on a 0-4 score and stays on a total of 5, 6, or 7

Upon final calculation of the points, the one closest to 9 points is declared the winner. However, it’s important to note that Baccarat can also end in a Tie. When the Player and Banker end up with the same point tally it’s a tie. So, in this case, all bets are promptly refunded.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is one of the most popular live casino games you can find today. Just like the aforementioned games, it’s straightforward and easy to play.

As the name suggests, there are two major types of bets in this Dragon Tiger – the Dragon and the Tiger. The bets placed on the Tiger side of the table win if the Tiger has a higher value. The player who bets on the Dragon wins if it has a higher value in around. Players can also have the option to bet on a Tie.

Dragon Tiger also gives players the opportunity to place some Side Bets.

Odd/Even – Player bets on either odd or even, making a guess whether a specific card will be odd or even.
Suits – The player can also bet on any of the 4 suits (maximum of 3) – club, spade, heart, and diamond. If the suit guessed by a player appears, he automatically wins 3 times his bet amount.

It’s important to keep in mind that if the 7 cards are drawn on a Side Bet, it is an automatic loss and the player will lose all standing Side Bets.

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