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Roulette Inside Bets

Roulette Bets: The Inside Bets are simple to recognize on the table as these bets are placed on individual numbers on the table layout. It’s important to keep in mind that these bets aren’t mutually exclusive and may, therefore, overlap one another – altering, and in some cases improving your odds and payout.

Here are some Roulette Bets to help you win big.

A) (Aka. Straight Bet)

First things first, the most straightforward bet in roulette is the Straight Up Bet. Covering one single outcome, the Straight Up Bet carries the highest roulette payout as it requires you to predict the precise pocket the ball will land in.

  • Where to place the chip: At the centre of the selected number.
  • Roulette Payout: 35:1

Did you know? Although a Straight Up Bet typically pays 35:1, this may differ slightly invariants such as Lightning Roulette

B) Split Bet

Here’s where things get interesting in roulette betting! Did you know that you can divide your bet across multiple numbers? A Split Bet is self-explanatory. Split between two adjacent numbers on the table, the Split Bet is placed on two numbers positioned horizontally or vertically of one another.

  • Where to place your chips: On the line dividing the two selected numbers.
  • Roulette Payout: 17:1

C) Street Bet (Aka. Three Line Bet)

If you’ve done your reading, you’ll know that a roulette table is divided into twelve rows – each of which consists of three numbers. To place a Street Bet, all you need to do is bet on three adjacent numbers in a row.

  • Where to place your chips: On the lower line which separates the dozens from the inside numbers.
  • Roulette Payout: 11:1

D) Corner Bet (Aka. Square Bet)

If there’s a cluster of numbers that calls your name, the Corner Bet might just be for you as it allows you to bet on four neighboring numbers.

  • Where to place your chips: On the centre of the square being formed by your four selected numbers.
  • Roulette Payout: 8:1

E) Zero Corner Bet (Aka. Top Line)

Much the same as the Cornet Bet, the Zero Corner Bet also covers four numbers on the table layout. More specifically, it allows you to bet on the first four numbers on the grid. These being: 0, 1, 2, and 3.

  • Where to place your chips: On the outer corner of 1, intersecting the line that divides 0 from 1, 2, and 3.
  • Roulette Payout: 8:1

F) Six Line Bet (Aka. Line Bet)

Also known as a Line Bet, the Six Line Bet lets you bet on two adjacent rows of numbers, covering six numbers at a time.

  • Where to place your chips: On the outer corner of the line dividing your two rows of numbers.
  • Roulette Payout: 5:1

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