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Baccarat strategy

While the outcome of Baccarat is largely determined by luck, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of winning and get more enjoyment out of the game. Remember that online Baccarat strategy games are based on RNG, so there isn’t anything you can do to influence the outcome. You can adopt smarter playing strategies, however. Here are a few:

  • Understand the rules – This is a pretty obvious one, but a lot of players might think that just because they’ve played one type of Baccarat, it means they know it all. However, you should know that there are lots of different versions of the game out there and many have completely different rules and betting options. Pick a game type that you want to play and learn the rules before you join a table.
  • Pick your bets well – In the above section, we explained the different types of bets available in Baccarat. Remember that betting on the banker is statistically the best option. While there are other bets available, you should avoid most of them. Betting on a tie, in particular, has a very high house advantage, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to bet on it, even if the payouts can be much bigger.
  • Manage your bankroll – Your bankroll is how much you have available to bet, and you should take care of it. Set aside a certain amount each day to bet with and be sure to change how much you bet depending on the size of your bankroll. If you’re playing with a smaller bankroll you should also be avoiding high stakes tables as although you can win more, your bankroll will disappear much faster.
  • Don’t look for patterns – Sometimes it’s tempting to bet on the player after the banker wins or bet on a tie after there have been two ties in a row. You should remember that each round is completely random and based on RNG. This means that patterns don’t exist, even if it sometimes seems like they do.
  • Limit your losses and wins – When you’re gambling, it’s always important to set a limit on how much you lose before you stop playing. This way, you can avoid chasing losses and losing more than you can afford. As well as loss limits, you should also know when to quit while you’re ahead. If you keep playing after going over your win limit, you’re bound to lose it eventually.
  • Look for the low commission of no commission games – Obviously, you want to get as much cash out of your time playing as possible. Banker bets are the best for house edge but usually come with a 5% commission on all winnings. To get around this you can look around for sites that offer low commission Baccarat. Some sites even offer no commission games. Just make sure to read all the details about the rules and payouts before you play.

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