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How to Play Online Bingo

The exact rules of Bingo will depend on which version of Bingo you’re playing. We list some of the most popular types of Bingo further down in this guide. Since 90-Ball Bingo is probably the most popular type, How to Play Online Bingo, the following tips include information and rules for 90-Ball Bingo:

1. Choose a bingo site

Before you start playing it’s a good idea to make sure you pick the perfect site. You should be looking for a site that’s legal to play in your country and has a good reputation with How to Play Online Bingo. If in doubt, always check our site reviews where we give you all the details. We’ll make choosing the perfect site easy for you and help you have the best time playing Bingo online.

2. Collect your bonus

Most Bingo sites offer a welcome bonus to new players. This usually comes in the form of free Bingo tickets, the perfect way to start your online Bingo experience. Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions before you sign up and collect the bonus. Some sites do include certain restrictions on the bonus, and you can miss out on free cash if you aren’t careful.

3. Get your tickets

If you didn’t get free tickets with your bonus, you can buy some to enter a specific room. Bingo tickets for 90-Ball Bingo contain twenty-seven spaces across a 9×3 grid. There are five numbers and four blank spaces on each row, fifteen numbers in total on the ticket.

You can buy a strip of six tickets, which will give you every possible number from one to ninety. To make things easier to see which numbers you have, the numbers are grouped together on the ticket. The first column only contains numbers from the one to ten, the next has numbers from eleven to twenty and so on.

4. How to win

90-Ball Bingo has lots of different ways to win. You’ll need to match the called out numbers to the numbers on your card and you’ll land a win if you get any of the following patterns:

One line – A single line is the first way to win and all it takes is one line across the ticket, either horizontally or diagonally. You’ll win a prize from this if you’re the first, but you can still potentially win more.

Two Lines – Two lines aren’t included in all game rules so make sure to check the rules before you play. This is two lines either horizontally or diagonally across the ticket. The lines don’t need to be connected to each other for you to win.

Full House – The full house, or Bingo as it’s sometimes called, gives you the biggest prize of the game. This is where you manage to cross off every single number on your ticket.

5. Collect your winnings

Finally, if you’re won some cash, now you can either buy more tickets or withdraw your winnings. Make sure you’ve read through the terms of your bonus, as some sites won’t allow you to withdraw any winnings from your bonus until certain conditions are met. You should also verify your identity with the site before you withdraw, as this will make things much quicker and easier.

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