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Popular Bingo Game Types

There are a lot of different Popular Bingo Game Types, so many that it can get confusing if you’re a new player. How can you know which is the best game to play? The answer is that although there are a lot of differences between game types, the answer to which one is best comes down to personal preference.

We’ve made a list of the most Popular Bingo Game Types and the main features of each game. Use this list to give yourself an idea of what to expect when you start playing.

90-Ball bingo

90-Ball Bingo is the most common type of Bingo you’ll find at most sites. This version of the game is highly popular in the UK. As you might have guessed from the name, there are ninety balls in total, meaning that numbers from one to ninety are all in play. There are usually prizes available for single lines, two lines and a full house.

80- Ball bingo

80-Ball Bingo uses a square 4×4 grid with sixteen spaces rather than the typical 9×3 grid for its Bingo tickets. There are ten fewer numbers available, with numbers going from one to eighty. A full strip is a group of five tickets which will contain every number from one to eighty. Different winning conditions depend on the exact rules that the game is being played with.

75-Ball bingo

75-Ball Bingo uses a bingo ticket with a 5×5 grid, that’s 25 spaces in total. Depending on the rules of the game you’re playing, different types of patterns will ne needed for a win. These include single lines, which can be horizontal, diagonal or vertical. There are also double lines or a full house/blackout.

30-Ball bingo

30-Ball Bingo is the fastest and simplest form of Bingo you can play online. With only thirty numbers, games are usually completed in just a few minutes and are a great way of completing lots of games in a short amount of time. 30-Ball tickets use a 3×3 grid containing nine numbers in total. You’ll need to cross off all nine numbers to win in this game type.

5-Line bingo

Five-line Bingo is sometimes known as Swedish Bingo and is very similar to 75-Ball Bingo. The game also uses seventy-five numbers and 5×5 grid tickets. In this game type though, you can win prizes from one line, two lines, three lines, four lines or a complete grid.

Flash Fives

Rather than using numbers, Flash Fives games use a standard fifty-two playing card deck. You’ll be dealt five cards and will need to match them to the called cards. To win the game, you’ll need to match all five of your cards.

Progressive jackpot bingo

Most Bingo games award fairly modest prizes. Depending on the game type and the site you’re playing at, prizes are usually between a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Some sites offer progressive jackpot Bingo games, however. This means that each time someone buys a ticket, a fraction of their stake goes into a progressive prize pool.

The jackpot builds up over time and will be awarded to a random winner. Progressive jackpots can easily reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the exact amount will depend on the site and the number of people who’ve contributed towards it.

Other bingo types

Of course, there are many other types of Bingo to be found online and you shouldn’t just limit yourself to these games. Most big sites will offer plenty of unique and interesting Bingo games for you to try out and play. Some of our favourite unique Bingo games include Bingo You Pick Them, Bingo Bonanza, Stallion Race and Roll On Bingo. These games introduce different rules, winning conditions and themes to the classic game. Make sure to always read the rules properly before you start, that way you’ll always be in with a winning chance!

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